Dear friends of SIA all over the world:

Good morning. Today I got some number of e-mails from you and would like to quote two of them.

Before that I would like to request you to send us your update comment of the earthquake and activity going on in Japan in your language, English, and Japanese. Then I will post such information at SIA blog, http://sia-nagoya.com/ under the title of SIA Information Help Net work for the Earthquake sufferers with translation or any better expression you can recommend or come up.

One from Canada, former teacher and guest speaker at SIA, and the other is from Nagoya, and guest speakers at SIA, which informs us their actions, 5 men team was sent already and they are now working in Sendai. Quoted as sent.

Sent: Tuesday, March 15, 2011 1:48 AM
Subject: Earthquake!

Dear Sasaki Sensei!

It is very shocking to hear about the severe earthquake that has hit Japan on Friday and then the aftershocks later on. I hope that all of your family members and friends will be safe and sound.

I pray that the places and families that have been affected by the earthquake recover from trauma brought by Mother Nature and start afresh in their life. In Canada, people are taking part actively in donation banks that have been set up for Canadian Red Cross to help the victims of this earthquake.

Wishing all the best for you and for all near and dear ones, in coping with this national tragedy. Best regards!

Shahid Anjum, Toronto

Sent: Tuesday, March 15, 2011 9:16 AM
Subject: RE: To Friends of SIA all over the world: Request of translation
into your own languages and Current SIA's Progress

Dear sasaki San

Thank you very much for your effort.
Our organization sent a team of 5 members with foods & water to distribute there and right now they are
in Sendai.If anybody wants to help food materials, money et we can accept at our two offices in Nagoya and Tokyo.

Tonight the second team will laeve Nagoya with foods and gas etc to cook there. We will be there for 2 months atleast.

We can accept the followings:
Rice, Water bottles,juices, dry foods, and donations.

Our organisation (volunteer) is Humanity First Japan, 2-1602 Kifune, Meitoku, Nagoya
my mail address: mohammad.abdullah@gmail.com

Thanks and let us pray at least for all sufferers.
Muhammad Abdullah

Hereunder you can find the useful information for any suffering people hit by the earthquake.

●NHK provide "Official NHK WORLD TV live" on USTREAM in English.

●SAVE JAPAN!は震災被害に遭われた被災地の皆様、被災者家族の皆様の支援を行う為に設立しました。本サイトでは

"Save Japan" was established to support devastated people in Tohoku EarthQuake.
You can check real voice from Tohoku Area.

In Japanese

In other language.(Contents are different from Japanese ones and they not always come from Tohoku Area)

Emergency Water and Food Distribution (Japanese & English)

Prepared by Eri Nakakuki

Thank you for your help.

Please be aware that the information related with the earthquake in any language is prepared by SIA Information Help Net work with translation, is not SIA’s professional translation, which goes through three steps of editing and translation accuracy confirmation.

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